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Though only beginning his work in film a few years ago, James Curd is a veteran when it comes to having his music featured in movies, T.V. and video games. His transition into film from performing and music production, occured onset of "Crush" when Paul Katz recommended him for the job as replacing music supervisor. Using his extensive connections in the music community, as well as his own composing ability, Curd is able to resourcefully source songs, create original music to capture a director's vision or compose something all together unexpected. Curd is extraordinarily productive and driven, whom we can only presume, must never sleep.






Runt - Composer/Music Supervisor

Valerie - Composer/Original Music

Killerman - Original Music


Into The Ashes - Composer/Music Supervisor


The Oath - All Episodes - Composer Theme Music


 The Neighbor - Composer/Music Supervisor


Grand Theft Auto V "Online Bikers" - Original Songs

Grand Theft Auto V "Further Adventures In Finance And Felony" - 8 Original Songs

Grand Theft Auto V "Finance And Felony" -  5 Original Songs

Blue Bird (Short) - Music Supervisor/Composer Original Score 

The Bye Bye Man - Music Supervisor 

Cash Only - Music Supervisor/Composer Original Score 

Don’t Worry Baby - Music Supervisor/Composer Original Music/Composer Original Score



Anguish - Composer Original Score 

At The Devil’s Door - Music Supervisor/Composer Original Music 



Grand Theft Auto V - Composer Theme Music 

Crush - Music Supervisor/Composer Original Music



Paraiso - Music Supervisor

The Vow - Composer: Additional Music 



Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - Composer: Additional Music 



Hollywood, I’m Sleeping Over Tonight - Composer: Additional Music

Grey’s Anatomy “Piece of My Heart” - Composer: Additional Music

Grand Theft Auto IV - Composer: Additional Music 

What Happens In Vegas - Composer: Additional Music 



Grey’s Anatomy “Superstition” - Composer: Additional Music 

Grey’s Anatomy “As We Know It” - Composer: Additional Music 



Grey’s Anatomy “Much Too Much” - Composer: Additional Music 


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